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This is a demo version of the Nellbooker website. Please contact us for a password. Here are some of the users:

  • Ginger Breadman ('ginger') works for an advice agency offering a drop in service to refugees. Like most of the other demo users, Ginger works in Busytown.
  • Mamma Bear ('mamma') is solicitor at the Three Bears Advice Centre, part of the Made Up Advice Network. The Centre offer face to face appointments to other members of that network.
  • Billy Goat ('billy') is a solicitor working in private practice. His firm is also a member of the Made Up Advice Network.
  • Dr Jeckyll ('dr') is a GP. His Nellbooker membership only allows him to make referrals.
screenshot of the My Nellbooker page

Screenshot of the My Nellbooker page

screenshot of the Diary page

Screenshot of the Diary page