About Nellbooker

Nellbooker was established by solicitors Hopkin Murray Beskine working with a network of other legal advice providers in north-east London. With help from AdviceUK it is being rolled out to the wider advice community to streamline and develop the referrals process.

The Nellbooker online service gives organisations access to a far greater range of services than one agency or solicitor can offer. It allows faster access to key partners while maintaining full links with specialist advice providers.

Nellbooker members each belong to their own local advice community with its own home page, local news and details of other organisations within the network. Each member can also choose to access the wider advice community of members who take referrals and share information regionally and nationally.

Membership of Nellbooker is managed by a central administration team which oversees and supports the setting up of new online community advice networks.

Nellbooker is a division of Hopkin Murray Beskine working in partnership with AdviceUK.